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Foundation Training

What is it?

Foundation Training is a significant piece of the health puzzle.  Simply put, Foundation Training gives you the tools and the knowledge to realign and use your body optimally.

The Foundation Training excercises feel good, heal most back pain within just a week or two, will improve your posture, and improve efficiency of movement. These short videos introduce foundation training and allow you to try some of the fundamental excersises.


Ted Talk by Eric Goodman

Foundation Training with Dr. Eric Goodman and Dr. Mercola

What to expect at a Foundation Training Class

Expect to move, feel, and work muscles that are under-utilised.  You'll also be covering some anatomy to help you understand how the Foundation Training excercises work.  As you perform these excercises your body will be re-learning correct alignment and muscle use.  After a few classes you'll be able to apply the Foundation Training principles of decompression, anchoring, and hinging to your daily and athletic activities.  Advanced classes will build further on these principles, add movement, and take you into some more challenging excercises that will increase the muscle tone of key muscle groups.

Your first class with me will be an individual class so that I can assess your particular needs, introduce you to the principles of Foundation Training, and how they apply specifically to you.  After that you can come for more private sessions and/or attend group classes in Foundation Training.

Please look at my availability calendar below and contact me for an individual class or more information.


Class Schedule

Private sessions are $40.  Please choose any 30-45 minute slot within the calendar availability zones (below) and contact me to make an appointment.