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Yoga is an exercise regime that offers a combination of relaxation, stretch, coordination, balance, strength training, and cardio workout - class type determining emphasis. 

While yoga is ancient, a lot of innovation has happened in recent times.  One area of interest to me is it's action on psychological trauma manifested in our fascia (the collagenous-based tissue) - this trauma being engaged and held in the fascia by habitual, repetitive patterns of muscle use.

Each Yoga pose engages specific muscle tissue - chains of connected muscles (AKA myofascial meridiansand contractile fields2).  Release of trauma held in fascia is connected with the return to improved health and function of organs within the body and aspects of the human psyche3.  For example, the pose Down Face Dog, is associated with the heart organ and the qualities which the heart represents.

In my direct experience, yoga poses frequently uncover emotional charge that intuitively invites release through a deep inhale and exhale.  What I commonly observe while teaching yoga classes is that sometimes emotional release occurs, and at other times, the person doesn't consciously register the emotional discomfort but expresses it, nonetheless, through a distracted yawn, projected annoyance etc.  Yoga can thus also be seen as a system for 'waking up' within layers upon layers of unconscious automation.

To summarize, I see Yoga as a way to cut through semi-conscious patterning for the purpose of free expression.  So really, yoga isn't unique as this can be done through almost any form of conscious movement.


Foundation Training is a no-nonsense system for forcing change in how you use your body, based on solid bio-mechanical observation of what does and doesn't work well in human bodies.  FT is highly regarded and increasingly being adopted by chiropractors, who recognize it's potential to quickly and permanently resolve most musculoskeletal issues presented.  This is because Foundation Training was developed by a chiropractor determined to tackle the most pervasive musculoskeletal maladaptations.  I invite you to try it and let it revolutionize the way you move and feel.  More about Foundation Training.


Foundation Training is still under constant development and is now being applied to specific sports such as running, surfing, and Yoga.  I'm certified in both these complementary systems, and, if you've ever attended a yoga class with me, you'll notice that I cue yoga poses quite differently.


1 Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers

2 Muscles & Meridians, Philip Beach

3 The Genius of Flexibility, Bob Cooley




  • Group yoga classes at World Health (Mayfield Common, Edmonton),
  • Individual Foundation Training  classes at my home studio by appointment.
  • Group Foundation Training  classes at my home studio.  Prerequisites: an individual assessment/private class.
  • I'm also available to teach at your organisation, workshop, or special event.

Notes: Please RSVP if attending a group class.   Bring a yoga mat if you have one.  All the following classes are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, unless specified otherwise:

Individual Foundation Training Classes and Initial Assessments (30-45 minutes)

Where: Home Studio, 8423 - 188 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5T 4Z2

When: by appointment  (view my availabilty calendar)

Price: $40

Group Foundation Training Classes (30 - 45 minutes)

Where: Home Studio, 8423 - 188 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, T5T 4Z2

When: TBD

Price: $15

Schedule: See Calendar and RSVP if you'd like to come


What People Are Saying

Thanks for sharing your yoga experience with us.  I always learn something new & helpful in every class....


Nov 2015

I just want to say a big thank you for teaching us so much about yoga.  It was a very enjoyable and comfortable experience. You helped me understand more about my body physically and mentally...


Nov 2015

Thank you so much for your time to share your yoga experience with us.


Nov 2015


Very welcoming, small space but also small class which allowed for lots of individual help, suggestions for modifications based on skill/ability level, calm and relaxing, supportive instructor.

April Seibel

May 30, 2014


Great and very patient instructor , concern every pose u do and correct you !!

Debbie Wong

May 22, 2014

I've really enjoyed every class with you...


Nov 2015


Very welcoming atmosphere and great for all levels!

Alisha Metz

Mar 28, 2014


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